Introducing our American language assistant Tyler


In October last year Tyler, our American language assistant, came to our school for the first time and started working in our English lessons with us teachers and our students. Since that time he has given us some insights into the American way of life and has tried to improve the English skills of our students. I have asked him to tell us a bit about himself.


Hello, my name is Tyler Farris and I’m from Greenwich, Connecticut which is about a 45 minute commute from New York City. My entire life, my parents have stressed the importance of education. So through extracurricular activities, I was able to play sports and take up an education at Colby College. My primary study was Global Studies and my secondary was German, so I was able to study in Berlin. However, while living in Berlin, I got to learn about Austria and its culture. Yet I never got to visit, so through a Teaching Assistantship Program I was able to teach English while seeing the culture with my own eyes.


Both the English teachers and the students Tyler is working with appreciate his efforts and hope that Tyler is enjoying his time here in Austria and at our school.