Time to say good-bye to Tyler

Bericht: Mag. Birgit Ratzenböck-Desbalmes

Our language assistant Tyler from the USA spent his last days at our school with the AUL 1 and the AUL2 class. The AUL 2 heard about American English while the AUL 1 got to find out more about American traditions.


The students of the AUL 1 also made interviews with Tyler. At the end of the school year we will make a short film out of these interviews. All classes as well as all the staff at our school are sorry that we had to say good-bye to Tyler as he will no longer be with us next school year. We took some cool farewell pictures with Tyler and wish him all the best for his future.


Time_to_say_good-bye_to_Tyler_01.jpg Time_to_say_good-bye_to_Tyler_02.jpg Time_to_say_good-bye_to_Tyler_03.jpg

Time_to_say_good-bye_to_Tyler_04.jpg Time_to_say_good-bye_to_Tyler_05.jpg Time_to_say_good-bye_to_Tyler_06.jpg

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