Supersize Me – English – 1FS


In their last English lessons the 1FS watched the documentary Supersize Me in which a young man decides to eat nothing but McDonald’s food for an entire month. Before that he goes to see three health doctors, finds out that he is in great condition for his age and then goes on his new diet.


The rules? For 30 days he can only drink and eat what is on the McDonald’s menu. He has to eat three times a day and he has to consume everything on the menu at least once and supersize his meals if asked.


During his experiment, Spurlock takes a look at the food culture in America. He interviews a number of people, ranging from McDonald’s customers, fast food lobbyists, nutritionist, his vegan girlfriend and school kids. He goes into a school cafeteria and examines what American kids eat.


After working on the topic of food in English this was a perfect way to finish our school year in this subject. Of course, eating some popcorn was part of watching the documentary. Some students made a hamburger in their afternoon classes in cooking which was another link to the film.